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myavatarThis is an update to let everyone know I’m taking a break from Simming for a bit.  I have quite a few things going on in my personal life right now.  I imagine I’ll come back and continue the Legacy at some point, but it’s on hold for now.  Thanks to everyone who took time to read and comment.


Happy Simming!  – cshaner (Cat)

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myavatarJust a quick note to let you all know that I have included a Chapters Link at the top of this page for easy navigation – especially in the previous generation chapters.

Happy Simming!

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Scottish Manor

I have included a new tab at the top of the blog called Scottish Manor.  You can use that link to see the completed (mostly) MacKenzie family home.  You can follow the link here: Scottish Manor

I found the design on this website:

I’m particularly proud of the design as I built it myself.  My husband usually does my building for me, but I tackled this myself  Though I will admit he did the roof for me.  I just found the roof tool especially frustrating and the auto roof didn’t do the design justice.



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Chapter 5 is up!

Since leaving the Criminal Organization, Alec MacKenzie has found that his family still hasn’t returned to what he considered normal.  A dream one night puts him on a path to rebuilding.


Chapter 05 – Starting Over has been posted.  Enjoy!

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Chapter 4 is up!

What happens when the second in command to the Emperor of Evil has been found out?  How will the family move forward?  Can Alec turn this around and actually get his family back on track?


Chapter 04 – The Aftermath has been posted.  Comments welcome!  Enjoy!

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Delay on Chapter 4

forumaviHi all! Just wanted to present you with a heads up that Chapter 4 is in the works, it is delayed though due to finally having enough simoleans to build the MacKenzie mansion!  I spent the entire weekend looking for a suitable design and then putting it together (started and tore the structure down twice before getting it right!).  Putting the finishing touches on the mansion tonight and will get back into the story.  I’ll also post pictures of the design and the finished product in game.  Happy Simming!

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Chapter 3 is up!

Alec MacKenzie is second in command of the largest criminal organization in Sunset Valley.  His family is about to find out the truth.  His carefully played house of cards that he’s been building for over 15 years may be about to tumble down around him. 


Read all about it in Chapter 03 – Busted!


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Chapter 2 is up!

Things are moving along quite well with the MacKenzie’s, Caitir comes by with some interesting news, and a disturbing phone call sends Cameron running into the night.


Chapter 02 – All Good Lies

Has been posted, enjoy!

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Generation 2, Chapter 1 is up!


Alec MacKenzie has been chosen by founder Liam MacKenzie as the Generation 2 Heir.

Please join the beginning of Alec’s story as heir here:

Generation 2 – Alec MacKenzie  You may also follow the link to Generation 2, Chapter 1-The Clan Continues from that page as well.

Enjoy the beginning of the next stage in the MacKenzie Clan.

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Real Life Wins?

forumaviHi all, you may have noticed a slow down in new chapters to the story.  I seriously have not had an opportunity to play this entire week and will not again until maybe Sunday night.  It’s been a hectic week.  Please check back next week when I should have a new chapter posted early next week. 

Also – I’m changing my format just a bit – I have moved the Legacy Challenge Information post to it’s own page (you can read at top) as well as each post here will be introduced with a picture and a brief synoposis. Should make the front page here a bit more interesting!

Thanks again for reading and commenting!

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